Why should I get a Goo-Phone?

A good friend of mine just emailed me asking why he should get the G1 knowing that I recently switched to one.  Without hesitation, I quickly created two lists, one positive and one negative.  Here is my email response:

I love my G1 but really am a bit frustrated with T-Mobile.  Ok here is my list:

The benefits:

  • If your life revolves around Google’s services, the G1 is more additive than crackberry.  I’ve gotten emails to my phone BEFORE they arrived in my inbox on the web.
  • Dev community rocks.  You can drop the SDK on ANYTHING and upload the app to your phone without an approval process (http://code.google.com/android/index.html). Not really an option on the iPhone.
  • Adobe and Google are in bed together.  You will get Adobe flash very soon on the phone.
  • Google’s team devote part of their productivity to creating apps. Google Market is fun to browse.
  • Cool Mob-Soc apps are appearing almost weekly.  Latest one I am with is buddymob (buddymob.com)
  • Electric compass is built-in and quite frankly am not sure why other vendors with GPS do not integrate one as well
  • The screen is wicked bright. Very useful in strong sun situation.
  • All updates are over the air. You wake up and your screen you notify you that there is a firmware update ready to be installed.  Very cool.
  • Unlimited data/txt msg makes for a very quite desktop computer. I almost do all my social ‘stuff’ through the phone. Strangely ironic if you think about it.
  • It is a linux based product!

The negatives:

  • The G1 is obviously a first gen product, I am careful about the henge. The loud snap when you flick it open scares me.
  • Camera is useless until they update it.  The shutter lag is too long. But as with everything, there is always the ability to fix it through software
  • T-Mobile network is small, check and double check your local coverage
  • If you do the gps tracking, constant data syncing with your apps, the battery will last about HALF a day. I alway carry the usb cable and connect my phone to charge, the only reason to connect to a computer.
  • Another thing about USB, the only way to listen to music is using a special USB headset. No miniplug for headsets and no stereo bluetooth support…yet (http://source.android.com/roadmap/cupcake)
  • Do not get the ‘brown’ or ‘white’ version of the phone, stick with the black one.  The other two have a cool silver outline keyboard but when the back light is on, it washes out the lettering on the keys.  I got the brown one for the vogue factor but wish I had not, the backlight will need to be fix in the software (EVERYTHING can be fixed in the code: http://source.android.com/)

I am not sure I will make it for two years with T-Mobile.  Once more handsets comes out like Lenovo (http://www.htlounge.net/article/7211/lenovo-ophone-works-on-android-better-than-g1/), I may switch.  Regardless of the carrier or brand of phone, I am sticking with Android, it rocks!

I never felt strongly for any particular product as there is no such thing as perfection.  I guess what garner such strong support for Android is the limitless potential that is there restricted only by your laziness.  I have to give it to Google, they sure know how to give their users a strong sense of empowerment.


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