Wii…oh Wii

So my parents got my children a Nintendo Wii (they got one for themselves as well, a little more about that later). I went to hook it up and for the next two days, Keyla and I have been relentlessly attacking the virtual bowling lanes trying to outdo each. I hate to admit it but the little white box is addictive. The controls are intuitive enough that the flow of the game is very natural. The controls are so good that my parents, MY PARENTS who always thought my time I spent on gaming was a waste, are giggling hysterically at their virtual tennis counterparts hopping around on the screen frantically swatting a digital ball. Though I love my PS3, I understand the attraction to the Wii and kind of chuckle at hardcore gamers on the little white system. There have been complaints lately that Nintendo is drifting away from it’s core market to gain mass appeal. Hardcore gamers are up in arms with this move by Nintendo but my question is why? Nintendo was NEVER a developer of bleeding edge systems and games. Come on now, all franchise characters are cartoon-like for crying out loud. Remember how it was a HUGE deal when Mortal Combat made it’s presence known on the SNES and even then the blood was green.

Now I understand the purist stance that gaming does not have to have the eye candy to be great. As long as the game play mechanics are well implemented and the story is compelling and engaging, then you have a great experience. I can also understand that true gamers are the ones that built the company and they felt betrayed that Nintendo is abandoning them to attract a new market. It is strange to see grandma playing on a system you use as well. But remember what you bought into. You bought Nintendo, a company who never denied their rooted belief in the family model. Embrace the fact that we have a company that bailed on the whole horsepower race and try innovative ways to interact.

Regardless of the complaints, if you are a true gamer, hard-core gaming should only be done on PCs anyway. Console gaming is a poor man’s substitute and though I love my PS3, I do miss my gaming rig. One day, I will be able to afford to go back. Till then, I will be trashing any and all on Warhawk come end of August. Keep an eye for me on the battlefield. I will be keeping one on you, on my frag count!


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