Wiki e-reader on Android, all started with this…

Just yesterday, I was talking to a friend at work about my thoughts on the Kindle 2.  Can the new Kindle finally be the go to device for reading any and all materials?  The conversation went back and forth about functionality.  The Kindle just does not add anything new other than the potential impulse buy capability of 3G.  I proposed the idea of an application that can create wikis for text.  So let’s say you load a pdf about philosophy.  Within the text you see other ‘active’ readers of that text.  Numbers next to bodies of text designate notes/thoughts/arguments people are currently engaging.  These notes allow the reader to follow the path to other literary works and provide the ability to capture a person’s stream of thought.  Something like this seems like  a no-brainer app develop on Android but the devices so far are too small and power hungry.  Now it seems we may soon have a device that will allow people to use the benefits of e-ink with the flexibility of Android.  I cannot wait for this to happen, hell I may start coding it this week!  Bob, Stephen, Tommy, you guys interested?

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