Windows Movie Maker – 1st day of school

So I have been using my flip for some time now and my first post on the topic was on how easy the built-in tools were on posting a video on the web. My next project was to use free software on the computer. First up, Windows Movie Maker. Here is what I created:

Movie Maker definitely made it easy to add titles and transitions. I like the drag and drop for the clips and the ability to add multiple tracks for audio. The end result kept the quality at 640×480 which was better than what the built-in Flip tools which was 320×200. What I did not like was the performance. I guess a Pentium 4HT at 3 GHz with 2 GB of RAM was just not enough to handle less than five minutes of AVI video. The application took forever to render the frames or import and worse, would crash midway through edits. Save and save often! My love for Windows has faded over the last couple of years and going back to it every once in awhile just confirms the decision I made to move on to Ubuntu. Next up will be iMovie on the Mac and kdenlive on Ubuntu.

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