Wine and Texas heat

Since the occurrence of Bell’s Palsy a week ago that has reduce the facial movements on the left side of my face, I have been looking for new ways of slowing down and reducing a lot of unnecessary stress I have placed in my life.  I think I found the perfect solution.  Two years ago, we had a home contractor build us a deck with ceiling, lights, fans and audio that extends the entire length of the rear home.  It has been a great addition in the past as we barbecued during rainstorms or held ping pong tournaments long into the night.  But otherwise the deck goes mostly unused, until now.

With the heat we are experiencing in Austin, there is very little you can do.  By 7 A.M. the outdoor temp is already in the 80s and it is not uncommon for the temps to still hover in the 90s before midnight.  For a person like myself that has to constantly be in motion, the Texas heat is murder.  It has actually forced me to slow down, which is a good thing.  I found that a bottle of wine, bebop jazz on Pandora piping throughout the deck and the fans on medium speed, creates a spectacular ambiance.  As the oppressive heat lays heavily on you only to be swayed gently by the breeze from the fan, your body slows in concert.  The cool wine dances on the tongue before gently finding its way to the belly where it warms the core from within.  As the wine takes hold of your mind, the jazz grabs the soul.  Soon conversation shift from things that needs to be done to dreamy desires and funny word play.  Soon the sun sets,  the bottle dries and we slowly clean up and head to bed to enjoy some of the deepest sleep I have not had in years.

For the last three evenings, my wife and I have been doing this.  Now I am looking for different wines and complimentary nibble food to help enhance the mood even more.  I am open to suggestions!  I spent my life making sure everyone around me is happy and content.  It is time that I too enjoy the fruits of my labor.


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