Work and play


When you have a 47″ 1080p LCD as your primary display for your work computer, you really cannot complain too much I guess. It sure makes work-flows easier to design!

On a work related question, I am having problems understanding required attributes for objectclasses in LDAP. Ok for instance take the objectclass eduperson. Within that object are the following attributes:


If I do not wish to use eduPersonAffiliation, will that be ok? I mean can you pick and choose which attributes to use in a particular objectclass? Do I sound like a n00b or what? Yes, I know very little about LDAP and trying to burn in knowledge as fast as I can. I do hope to get over this hump as I will next have to tackle Shibboleth authentication. Good times indeed.

On the PS3 front, I have YET to grab a copy of Warhawk. Though the game is considered not very deep, I understand that it is very addictive. Plus Europe just came online yesterday. Yes, I need to grab a copy this weekend, along with a couple of bags of mulch, caulking and plant food. Yes, I must game in between my other chores.


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