Work? How about Singstar on the big screen and other stuff

What should you do when you have work that extends beyond quiting time? You go home and tear open a copy of the latest version of Singstar for the PS3!

Now mind you I by no means was given the gift of harmony. I am one of those that you cringe when you watch American Idol on why they even bother to show up. But I like singing as it is a great way to release tension.  I have to admit since the release of Singstar on the PS2, I have been hooked and could not wait for the PS3 version.  I love the online community and to hear my voice over the howls of the dogs in crisp surround was… well not heaven but fun!  Within a couple of hours, Keyla and I tore through Ne-Yo, OutKast, REM and others on the disc provided.  One big downer is with the monster capacity that is Blu-ray, why only give us 30 tracks?  We wanted more and had to look at the online store to plan out our purchases for next month.  As for the kids?  They had a blast screaming out the lyrics of any and all songs.  I need to get a compatible webcam for the PS3 so that we can upload videos of our musical and dancing talents.

My lappy is now Hardy Heron happy.  No matter how hard I tried to convince myself how well Vista worked, it bugged me how slow it ran.  8.04 runs circles around MS latest OS and all the eyecandy was just too sweet for me not to make the change over.  Webcam does not work, damn you Microdia!  I am going to compile the beta drivers this weekend in hopes to get this fixed.  On a personal note, I have been spending a lot of time at the pools in Steiner Ranch when not at work.  With near tripple digit weather almost daily, it is a sin not to swim.

Techwise, my dream phone is now 3G capable.  I would love to buy the new iPhone but that would mean I would have to switch to AT&T, and that just will not happen.  I am still happy with my phone for txt msging and surfing and with the price of gas, I am in no financial condition to buy anything new!


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