Wow, it has been that long?!?!?

It seems like a lifetime ago since my last entry. If I had an audience of six, I am sure they are all gone by now. No matter, this is still fun, when time allows. I have been neck-deep with work. Manuel should understand as I am in his shoes. Speaking of ghosts from my past, it seems John, a friend from CC, will be working for Dell here in Austin. Congrats on the new job and welcome to the Oasis we call home. Speaking of friends, it seems I have lost touch with many. I may not write just because of how busy I am but here are some shout-outs to those who care:

  • Andrew Watson – Thanks for keeping my parents company and still buying their subs. It means a lot to them.
  • Alan Davis – Thanks to you also for giving my mom some company when you have time. I hope the clan is strong and healthy.
  • Justin Pohlmann – Dude! I never gave you my kimche list. Hey, stop by my parents’ sub shop at Rockrimmon and ask for Nanny. Tell her that her son is forgetful and have her give you the keys to the kingdom. It is good, you will not regret it.
  • RV – Where-ever you are, I hope and wish you only the best my Indian friend. You are one of a kind and I do miss our exchanges.
  • Manny – Oh good old Manny. I hope life is good to you. I am rarely online these days except for work. Keep up your blog, you have been a good to everyone. A special quality indeed.

So from the past we go to the future. Home life in the burbs have been wonderful. I look forward to going Home everyday and dread leaving each morning. Living so close to a lake has so many advantages one being the views. Colorado was lovely yes, but nothing beats watching a sunset by a lake. I am blessed to be so close to nature as I am now.

Wow, this entry got personal! I did not expect that. I guess hitting my mid-life has cause introspection to spew. So enough with that, onto stuff that matters. PS3!

PS3 Home Beta is now open! Sony is inviting the best of the best, owners who show undeniable love to the black box, those who will follow Sony everywhere, and as I look in my email for my golden ticket, I am happy to say wha?!? Where is it?!? Damn, I guess my negative PR on features must have struck a nerve with the Sony brass. Hey, I know my blog is the key to their success and with the slight negative lean I have been pressing on them lately may have caused me to fall out of favor with the demigod. Oh well, I guess I have to be like everyone else and wait for the official release this fall… Umm, Sony, where is my upconverted DVD support? Just asking, you know, to keep me busy till this fall or until you release Warhawk…


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