Yet another great reason to own a PS3


My dad ask me why I bought him an over-the-top video game system referring to the PS3. First off, if any of y’all know my dad, that last sentence alone should stop you in your tracks. What does my dad know about the PS3? After shaking off the blow of what I just heard, I told him that other than Tiger Woods Golf, this is the best way to watch HD movies. His next question was obvious, why not buy a dedicated player? Not a bad question at all, so then I sat him down and went to work.

You see, Blu-ray came out just a little too early, not too surprising considering that Sony is a member of the Blu-ray consortium (PS3 did not exactly have a great launch). If you did not follow all the revisions, you would be upset right about now realizing that $1000 BD-player you bought a year ago may be obsolete now unless you can get your hands on a firmware which you pray your manufacture will send you OR even if that is possible. You see, players that hit the market before the standards were set were most likely only compatible with profile 1.0 which had very little requirements with regards to hardware. Many if not all do not even have an ethernet port, which is critical for future releases as movie studios would use that connection to the web to give the user a rich experience. Yes I know, no studio is doing that now so why bother having a useless connection? How about getting updates to ensure your hardware stays current? PS3 offers it out of the box. In fact Sony stays on top of BD standards for the PS3, more so than their OWN dedicated BD-players! Just yesterday, Sony release firmware 2.10 for the PS3. We now have DivX support as well as limited WMV support. But more importantly we PS3 owners now have the full Blu-ray profile 1.1 specs. In fact, the PS3 will fully support the proposed Blu-ray profile 2.0 specs, all for under $600, no $500, no $400. Plus with HDMI 1.3 support, the ability to stream media from other computers, and killer… well not yet, games, you have one monster media center. Hell, the PS3 I got my father is actually quieter than mine, if that is even possible considering mine was fairly quiet to begin with. So If you are on the fence for HD movies, you could go with locked and set HD-DVD and have limited access to media or go with the change-happy Blu-ray with a PS3 and know that you have one kick-ass future-proof box that looks GOOD in your theater. Do not believe me? I am not the only one recommending a PS3 as a Blu-ray player.

Damn, all that talk about not being a fanboy and yet, here we are…


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  1. Brilliant post, thanks for the info – I don’t normally add comments in these things but found the post as a mistake. Please post more usefull stuff like this, I added you to my favorites!

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